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The Giant of Metropolis Furio-Meniconi-and-Rodano-Lupi
FreeClassicMovies wrote:Released on October 26, 1961: Long ago in the city of Atlantis a mighty fighter used his great strength and courage to battle Yotar the evil King of Metropolis and his cosmic scientists from outer space.
Produced by Emimmo Salvi
Directed by Umberto Scarpelli
Written by Gino Stafford, Sabatino Ciuffini, Ambrogio Molteni, Oreste Palella, Emimmo Salvi and Umberto Scarpelli
The Actors: Gordon Mitchell (Obro), Bella Cortez (Princess Mecede), Roldano Lupi (Lord Yotar, King of Metropolis), Liana Orfei (Texen, Queen of Metropolis), Marietto (Elmos, son of Yotar), Omero Gargano (the old wise man), Mario Meniconi (the father of Obro), Carlo Tamberlani (unknown), Luigi Moneta (the Prime Minister), Ugo Sasso (Captain of the Black Guards)
The Giant of Metropolis Furio-Meniconi The Giant of Metropolis Gordon-Mitchell-1961
(The) Netflix slipcase calls this picture "campy" but I have to disagree. It is relentlessly dark and brooding, almost oppressive in its atmosphere. Our hero is captured within minutes of the opening. The rulers of Metropolis are engaged in lurid scientific experiments on living human victims, including a young boy. Disturbing yes, campy no. Its atmosphere is akin to that of Blood of the Vampire, which also featured an imprisoned hero and a host of lurid experiments. But set 20,000 years in the past, Giant of Metropolis feels like a world of its own. I was mesmerized, but I should warn my Dear Readers that some viewers might find it the stuff of nightmares. Someone named "dinky-4" posting on the IMDb in February 2003 says: "bizarre... striking... stylized madness."
The Giant of Metropolis Bella-Cortez-and-Liana-Orfei The Giant of Metropolis Bella-Cortez-and-Gordon-Mitchell
Sets and costumes seem inspired at once by Forbidden Planet, Flash Gordon serials, and Mesoamerican sculpture. Some women wear flesh-colored body suits beneath their flimsy togas. Everyone stands around and talks, as if all conversations are guided by arcane rituals. The only visible seat is the evil king's throne . Otherwise, no one ever sits. The inspired score features a frightening downbeat Beethovenesque piano riff. Weapons resemble the leaves of carnivorous plants. Rooms are decorated with scowling faces. Our blonde hero Obro (Gordon Mitchell, who has a chiseled clean-shaven face like Charlton Heston) gets only a small percentage of screen time, but he fights many eerie battles. He kills several foes on screen - which in any pepla is very rare . He even slashes foes with twisty knives! Shirtless and sweaty amidst heavily robed foes, he feels like a symbol of brute nature in a rebellion against controlling science. He also worships "a superior being," which the Metropolitans have never heard of.

Goldweber, David Elroy (2012-06-14). Claws & Saucers: Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy Film: A Complete Guide: 1902-1982 (Kindle Locations 30751-30775). David E. Goldweber. Kindle Edition.

The Giant of Metropolis Gordon-Mitchell-and-Bella-Cortez
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