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Destination Space (1959) DestinationSpace
Destination Space is a pilot TV show for an unrealized TV series. It focuses on man's early efforts in expanding mankind's horizons beyond the Earth, manifested mainly by the huge space station which has already been built in Earth's orbit by the point that the episode begins. It looks like the show utilized stock footage from the color sf film Conquest of Space (1955), though the footage is in b&w here.  The space station is rocked by a collision with a meteorite in the first act, but most of the action during the episode takes place on Earth, involving government hearings. The guy in charge, Benedict (Harry Townes), must fight Washington DC bureaucrats to keep his space station afloat, so to speak.  The plan was to send a mission to the moon, but this is delayed due to the damaging impact of the space rock. The other lead is played by John Agar, then well known for numerous sf B movies such as Tarantula and Attack of the Puppet People. In smaller roles are Charles Aidman, Cecil Kellaway, Ed Platt (Get Smart) and Gail Kobe (Twilight Zone and Outer Limits). BoG's Score: 4 out of 10
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Star Trek TOS actor alert:
besides Townes, in a small role here is Jon Lormer; both actors would guest-star in the episode Return of the Archons in 1967.
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