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Fire in the Sky (1993) Empty Fire in the Sky (1993)

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Fire in the Sky (1993) 1993+fire+in+the+sky
Tales of alien abduction - in books and films - were popular during the seventies, because that's when all these cases seemed to be happening. These have  taken on the aspect of sci-fi versions of urban legends, including all the lurid stuff about aliens experimenting on their captives, such as the infamous rectal probe.  So, this film is a very late entry in the field, about a supposed abduction in 1975.  The victim is one of a small group of loggers, real-life guy Walton (D.B. Sweeney). They see what looks like an alien ship hovering above them on one of their regular trips to the woods to do some work; Walton makes the error in judgment, by walking out of their truck and behaving as if he's entranced by the ship's lights. When it looks like something zaps him, the others take off in the truck. His best friend (Robert Patrick) decides to go back minutes later, but Walton is gone from the spot. The other loggers are played by Henry Thomas (E.T.), Peter Berg and Craig Sheffer.

Walton remains missing for 5 days. Of course, the law (represented mainly by James Garner) is involved almost immediately and the obvious conclusion by most is that Walton met with foul play at the hand of one or more of the group of loggers who were there. However, Walton turns up alive, though dehydrated and missing his clothes and some of his sanity. We find out what happened to him via flashbacks in his own mind, of the interior of the alien ship, where the aliens conducted their experiments on him - sticking him with needles and who-knows-what.  Though his reappearance does reinforce the stories of his buddies, it doesn't explain why he was left alive, since the flashback also shows other victims of the aliens as being dead. The incident also creates a chasm between most of the loggers, permanently dividing them over who did the wrong thing. To me, as shown, Walton brought this on himself and the others understandably panicked. Sweeney looks dumbfounded throughout the film, before & after, but maybe he was ideal for the part, because that's the way he usually is. Of course, the entire incident can still be a fabrication, though it is disclosed that the group passed another lie-detector test years later. In most obvious ways, the film is a throwback to seventies sci-fi cinema.  BoG's Score: 6.5 out of 10
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