episode #25 - The Cross-Country Kidnap

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episode #25 - The Cross-Country Kidnap Empty episode #25 - The Cross-Country Kidnap

Post  BoG on Sat May 21, 2011 3:07 pm

episode #12 of 2nd season / Air Date: 1/10/75 Arrow written by Ray Brenner & Stephen Kandel Arrow Directed by Christian Nyby

Where into the equestrian sport with this one: a coding computer expert (Donna Mills) has just completed her major work for OSI; but her real passion is to ride a horse in a cross country competition, as entry into the Olympics. Due to her unique knowledge and expertise, she is the target of kidnappers. She, however, scoffs at Goldman's concerns and his attempts to guard her with all of OSI's resources and barely tolerates single bodyguard Austin, who does manage to charm her. Goldman, however, is correct - soon the bad guys are taking potshots at Austin to get him out of the way.
episode #25 - The Cross-Country Kidnap Six-million25CrossCountry episode #25 - The Cross-Country Kidnap Six-million25CrossCountry2

This was very average and at times dull, though actress Mills keeps it mildly interesting. I was expecting a real cross country race to this story but that never happens; instead, the whole episode takes place during training and just as the competition begins. Austin runs a lot and it gets a bit silly towards the end when he follows a running horse, jumping obstacles as a horse would (also, the stuntman is apparent though, for one leap, it's clearly Majors). The now-familiar revelation is that the main villain is someone on the inside (this is a continuing problem cropping up on this show - our national security seems riddled with traitors). BoG's Score: 5.5 out of 10

Bio Trivia: it's established here that Rudy Wells has trained Austin to make minor repairs on himself; he repairs his arm after being shot there; fifties/sixties matinee idol Tab Hunter has a small role here as one of the rather hapless bad guys
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