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Air Date: 1/22/76  Arrow  written by Edward di Lorenzo  Arrow  Directed by Ray Austin
Missing Link Space1999-Missing-Link4 Missing Link Ffb3e424-c752-41ec-b768-6594fa2a88e9
Koenig and a few others are returning to Moonbase Alpha in an Eagle after looking over a planet which they are passing by. The ship loses power and crashlands on the moon's surface, about 100 miles from the base. Most on board receive minor injuries, but Koenig has a more severe head injury. However, from Koenig's perspective, he returns alone to an empty base. This all apparently is an illusion perpetrated by an alien anthropologist (Peter Cushing) from the planet and Koenig seems to be actually on the planet. This alien and his daughter (Joanna Dunham) conduct these experiments to learn about human reaction and condition, and Koenig is an opportune subject. They plan to have Koenig as their permanent guest.  Meanwhile, tempers flare on Moonbase Alpha as Koenig lies near death, in a coma; the personnel find themselves leaderless.
Missing Link Space1999-Missing-Link2
Again, this episode has a very slow pace, though it suits the dreamlike sequences and eerie atmosphere of this particular story. Yet again, this copies 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY in terms of a plot revolving around keeping an astronaut in comfortable, familiar yet false surroundings as a kind of lifetime experiment. The alien has a golden skin color but refers to himself as just another version of humanity - Cushing joined Christopher Lee as the rare famous guest star. The alien also mentions this region as being 5 million light years from Earth  Exclamation  - well in another galaxy!  Yes, the moon has traveled far indeed (see Black Sun). As usual, Barry Morse as Bergman has the best scenes, though it's an illusion of the real Bergman in one case. It becomes a question of what is real and what is unreal. The behavior of the personnel is unnecessarily aberrant, while the ending is abrupt and anti-climactic. BoG's Score: 5.5 out of 10
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