Planet of Dinosaurs (1978)

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Planet of Dinosaurs (1978) Empty Planet of Dinosaurs (1978)

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Planet of Dinosaurs (1978) Planet_of_dinosaursPlanet of Dinosaurs (1978) PlanetofDinosaurs
The title is accurate - this is indeed another planet of dinosaurs. It takes place in a future when space travel is commonplace; a small spaceship of travelers gets marooned on the planet after the ship blows up. The area looks suspiciously like similar locales seen on Star Trek TOS (i.e. Vasquez Rocks) - perhaps it's the same sci-fi universe..? In any case, the stranded group, a combo of crew and passengers numbering 8 or 9 people, quickly become aware that dinosaurs are the dominant indigenous lifeform. As expected, the group's numbers dwindle one-by-one.
Planet of Dinosaurs (1978) PlanetofDinosPlanet of Dinosaurs (1978) PlanetofDinos-1
This was a sincere attempt to present a Harryhausen-type sci-fi picture (or even an homage to Willis O'Brien & King Kong). The stop-motion animation is by Doug Beswick, Steve Czerkas and Jim Aupperte. Some of it looks a bit amateurish, but other key scenes with a T-Rex approaches Harryhausen-level artistry. This is constrained by the low budget; the acting is very stiff or overdone, depending (the loud complainer of the group, a company V.P., is overdone while all the others are very wooden); the photography in some scenes looks unprofessional (almost home movie styled). The only known actor is Jim Whitworth, a tall, bearded actor who appeared in the original The Hills Have Eyes. This does have an interesting ending. BoG's Score: 5 out of 10
Planet of Dinosaurs (1978) PlanetofDinos
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