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episode #28 - The Kidnappers Empty episode #28 - The Kidnappers

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episode #28 / Air Date: 03.24.67
written by William Welch; Directed by Sobey Martin

This had one of those unusual beginnings - the Time Tunnel complex is suddenly invaded by a lone alien (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea regular Del Monroe), dressed in a kind of space suit, and he kidnaps Dr. Ann MacGregor (Lee Meriwether). The alien dropped some kind metal data card before disappearing and the general (Whit Bissell) decides to use this information by sending Doug & Tony to those coordinates. They end up on an alien planet in the year 8433 A.D. run by a curator (Michael Ansara) who retrieves information from the brains of all famous personages by using his own form of time travel. He apparently snatches the various people at the moment of their deaths and then drains their brains - it's a bit vague. At one point, he shows one of the subjects lying on a gurney, dead - it's Hitler! Doug, Tony and Ann also have info that he can use, so they're next.
episode #28 - The Kidnappers Timetunnel
This episode was obviously unusual in that Ann was interacting with Doug & Tony during this adventure, in the middle of the danger, rather than seated behind a console at the Time Tunnel complex like she usually was. There was a hint of a personal relationship between her and Doug. Ansara as the curator and main heavy is curiously naive or laid-back about keeping the trio his prisoners - they trick him pretty easily at one point by pretending to eat sleeping capsules. Maybe this has to do with an alien outlook which lacks guile. Of course, Ann manages to get back to the Time Tunnel complex by the end, while Doug & Tony go on with their time tripping adventures.  BoG's Score: 6.5 out of 10

Epilogue: Doug & Tony land in the desert while a big battle is raging, probable late 19th century, but the shocking moment occurs when they are suddenly confronted by an alien who states that he is there to destroy them...!

Star Trek TOS actor alert:
Ansara is possibly most famous for playing Kang, the Klingon archetype, in the episode Day of the Dove; it's a good time to mention that Meriwether was also in an episode of TOS, That Which Survives; Whit Bissell was also in one, the famous The Trouble With Tribbles
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