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episode #16 - As Time Goes By Empty episode #16 - As Time Goes By

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Air Date: 7/12/96 Arrow writer: Steve Brown Arrow Directed by Richard Compton

We begin in San Francisco, Republic of New Spain - the Sliders have been here for a while and are not doing well. They are illegal immigrants and work is scarce. Quinn is chased by police to an estate and runs into his long lost sweetheart, Daelin (Brooke Langton), who works as a maid for the Spanish owners. On Earth Prime, Daelin had been his close friend since childhood, until she moved away when they were in the 10th grade. Here, her fiancee is Dennis (Matthew Flint), who turns out to be a two-faced sneak who betrays a group of immigrants for the promise of a green card. Quinn is so smitten with Daelin that he asks her to come with him on the slide, but she can't leave her injured brother. On the next Earth, Quinn is regretful about leaving Daelin. He's convinced by Rembrandt to contact the Daelin of this current Earth. He finds her married to Dennis, and with a baby daughter; it's a very poor marriage, with Dennis being an abusive loser. It's so bad that Quinn easily convinces Daelin to contact the Quinn of this Earth in Seattle (after punching out Dennis, of course).

Now the episode gets really trippy - the Slider's 3rd Earth of this episode is one in which time functions in reverse of what we are used to. The guys find themselves in jail, already sentenced, but because of how time works here, they soon shift to an arraignment and then are freed to go. The kicker, though, is that they are accused of murdering a cop named Daelin. Quinn is determined to save her - since time (or rather the Sliders) is going backwards, he knows they will soon shift to the night of the murder. Arturo knows that this is not advisable. Sure enough, when Daelin escapes death, there's a rip in the space-time continuum - everything goes nuts (some odd special FX involve what looks like the moon circling the Earth in the span of a second). Oh, well - this entire universe probably faces eradication but the Sliders slide out so we will never know. tongue On yet a 4th Earth, Quinn ponders on whether he should contact Daelin... No OK, it's no surprise that this is considered a goofy episode by many, but it's not too boring. The premise may be that the more alternate Earths we encounter in a single episode, the more interesting it will be. It's a simple logic - there are more chances to be surprised by new developments or revelations. Oh, and, Daelin was cute. BoG's Score: 6.5 out of 10
Earths Depicted:
---------------- #29: The Spanish rule what we know as America, here called New Spain; many illegal immigrants from Canada
---------------- #30: much like Earth Prime, though this Earth's Quinn is a grad student in Seattle & the S.F. Lions are the named football team
---------------- #31: an alternate universe where time moves in a different fashion - in reverse
---------------- #32: probably much like Earth Prime or Earth #30, but nothing is revealed - only in an epilogue

Sliders Trivia: Daelin's injured brother is played by Charlie O'Connell (Jerry O'Connell's brother), who would return as a regular new character in the 4th season, playing Quinn's long lost brother. This sets up a possible wild premise - that Charlie O'Connell's character in this episode was indeed a version of Quinn's brother, also lost (at this point, Quinn does not know he has a brother). This also might make Daelin a long lost sister.
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