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episode #20 - Target: Earth Empty episode #20 - Target: Earth

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episode #20 - Target: Earth GiantsTargetEarth
TARGET: EARTH - episode #20 / prod. #22 / Air Date: 3/2/69
written by Arthur Weiss; Directed by Sobey Martin
episode #20 - Target: Earth GiantsDeeHartford
The little people, fleeing from Inspector Kobick again, stumble across a lab where a scientist (Arthur Franz) is working on a guidance system to get a ship to Earth. Mark gets the idea to make a deal with the scientist: the gadget isn't working properly and Mark, using his Earth know-how, can adjust it; in return, the little people will use this to fly The Spindrift back to Earth. This splits the little people: Valerie & Fitzhugh, sick of being insects in a huge world, decide to go with Mark, while Capt Steve, as usual, is suspicious, thinking this is too risky.
episode #20 - Target: Earth GiantsDeeHartford-1
Though Mark has the right idea in regard to the giant scientist, who is honorable, he didn't consider the scientist's wife (Dee Hartford), who is more apt to call Kobick behind her husband's back. Also, the scientist's partner is very ready to turn the little people over to 'the state' after they serve their purpose. So, we can all see where this is heading. A not bad episode, though with a very convenient self-destruct switch near the end. BoG's Score: 6 out of 10

Giant Threats: dogs (Dobermans)

Giants Trivia: actor Arthur Franz is well known to sci-fi fans for several genre pictures: Flight to Mars (1951), Invaders From Mars (1953), Monster on Campus (1958) and Atomic Submarine (1958); Hartford is sort of famous for two Lost in Space episodes, The Android Machine and its sequel, Revolt of the Androids
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