episode #06, segment 2: A Message From Charity

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episode #06, segment 2: A Message From Charity Empty episode #06, segment 2: A Message From Charity

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#6b: A MESSAGE FROM CHARITY written by Alan Brennert; Directed by Paul Lynch
This was an interesting little tale about establishing a connection with someone over the bridge of several centuries. In the present times, a teen (Robert Duncan McNeill) sick with fever suddenly finds himself seeing through the eyes and feeling the sensations of a girl from the early 18th century (close to year 1700).
episode #06, segment 2: A Message From Charity TwilightZoneTVnewMessageFromChar-1episode #06, segment 2: A Message From Charity TwilightZoneTVnewMessageFromCharity
The girl from the past, Charity (Kerry Noonan) is likewise startled to be seeing images of the future, the 20th century. The two young people are able to 'think' at each other and develop a relationship close to that of boyfriend/girlfriend - except that they're separated by almost 300 years. Unfortunately, any hint that Charity gives of her special link to other persons of her time will automatically place her under suspicion of sorcery or witchcraft (ah, yes, those Salem Witch Trials... I recall reading about those in high school; but, I digress).
episode #06, segment 2: A Message From Charity TzNEWMessageFromChar episode #06, segment 2: A Message From Charity TwilightZoneTVnewMessageFromChar-2
Charity soon gains the attention of the local witch hunter, Squire Jonas Hacker.  Hacker turns out to be a real sleazeball and worse - no surprise there. It falls to the boy from the future to find a way for Charity to extricate herself from the mess he got her into. It's a fairly clever plot development and I liked to see Squire Hacker squirm a little towards the conclusion. This was a very early role for actor McNeill, who would start serving on Star Trek-Voyager a decade later. BoG's Score: 7 out of 10

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