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Emilio Estevez stars as a race car driver in the then-present of 1991 who is destined to die in a fiery crash that year. Unknown to him, in the future year of 2009 (now quite a bit in the past to audiences), a certain breed of mercenaries (led by Mick Jagger in a rare film role) have developed time travel to steal such doomed souls of the past and bring them to 2009 as simply replacement bodies for the super wealthy (represented by Anthony Hopkins, whose role is little more than a cameo). In this future, it seems, most people have unsuitable bodies, which have been wrecked via drugs and whatnot. The connecting rod between both time eras is the race car driver's girlfriend, played by Rene Russo (who could pass for 20, 30 or 40 back then).  Of course, to keep things a bit interesting, the man from 1991 unexpectedly escapes the mercs and goes on the run in this new era of 2009, getting help from a gun-toting nun (Amanda Plummer) and soon finding his agent. Of course, the main goal is to find his girlfriend.

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