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Back to the Future Part III (1990) Back-to-the-Future-Part-III
At the end of Part II, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) was in his DeLorean, floating above Marty (Michael J.Fox), when the auto time machine was struck by lightning, zapping it out of existence -- out of 1955, that is. It turns out, Doc & the DeLorean were zapped back to 1885. So, how is Marty going to follow him there? In the DeLorean, of course (think about it long enuff, you'll figure it out). The doc has set himself up as a blacksmith and did not expect Marty to follow him there, but Marty noticed a gravestone which revealed that Doc was gonna get backshot over 80 bucks by the local Mad Dog Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson, hamming it up as a filthy bank robber & depraved killer).
Back to the Future Part III (1990) Back-to-the-future-part-iii
Marty and Doc encounter and must surmount familiar problems: there's no more fuel in the DeLorean so the only possible way to get the car to 88 mph in this era is to push it with a train. But, there is one unfamiliar wrinkle in time - Doc falls in love with the newly-arrived schoolteacher (Mary Steenburgen) and the feeling is mutual. Can Doc leave her? Should he take her with him? In the end, he decides to tell her the truth and she naturally becomes highly skeptical (Steenburgen must have felt some deja vu in light of her role a decade earlier in Time After Time). In addition, Marty - dubbing himself Clint Eastwood - is scheduled to be in a gunfight with Tannen in a couple of days.
Back to the Future Part III (1990) BacktotheFutureIII
All this is no doubt entertaining but, by this point, a decided staleness had settled on the trilogy. The repetitive motifs, such as Marty waking up as Lea Thompson hovers over him, by this point had reached the realm of been there-done that. In addition, Fox and Thompson playing Marty's great, great grandparents is a stretch even for such a film series - Thompson as Marty's great, great grandmother makes no sense (Thompson as Marty's mom married into the family - she was not a McFly).  But, other characters are also played by actors who are playing 19th-century incarnations of their 1955 & 1985 characters, so the trilogy really just devolved into an absurd counterpart of the original, much more elegant 1985 film. Marty's use of the Eastwood name seemed out of whack, as well, though the script managed a clever joke copying A Fistful of Dollars to thwart Tannen.  BoG's Score: 7 out of 10
Back to the Future Part III (1990) Back-to-the-Future-Part-3
Back to the Trivia:
Doc Brown of this film and this old west time frame appeared much later in cameo and as an unofficial follow-up/joke in Seth McFarlane's A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014), which could be looked on as an unofficial sequel moment of Doc Brown's later adventures in time travel.
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