Barracuda (1978) (The Lucifer Project)

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Barracuda (1978) (The Lucifer Project) Empty Barracuda (1978) (The Lucifer Project)

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Barracuda (1978) (The Lucifer Project) Barracuda
Slow-moving cash-in on Jaws, but with a twist: it takes place in the small town of Palm Cove (pop 4000), the lobster capital of that area in Florida. The problem is pollution of the water by Jack Chemical Co. - Jack (Bert Freed) is the typical corrupt rich fat cat, with a dopey obedient son who will shoot people if papa orders it.  Besides Freed, the only other known actor is Jason Evers as the local doctor. I think the chemicals cause large barracuda to attack and rip up people who venture into the ocean there. But, more than that, since people eat the local fish, it's also affecting the behavior of a few locals, making them hostile. Writer and director Wayne Crawford stars as a college biologist crusading against this corruption and despoilment. But, he may have bitten off more than he can chew - also in town are sinister government agents in business suits who eventually start to use their silencers. It's quite downbeat by the end, if on the amateurish side. BoG's Score: 4 out of 10

Star Trek TOS actor alert: actor Evers guest-starred in the episode Wink of an Eye
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