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Planet Earth (1974)

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Planet Earth (1974) Empty Planet Earth (1974)

Post  BoG on Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:18 pm

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I remember this one well from TV way back in 1974; as with Genesis II, I acquired a DVD-R of this movie about 5 years ago due to my nostalgia over this entertaining little sci-fi adventure on TV:
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Though this is usually described as a reworking or a redo of Roddenberry's Genesis II of the previous year, it's actually more of a sequel. Saxon just replaced Alex Cord in the main role. He plays quite a different type of character than Cord, much more action-oriented and flamboyant. There's some quick narration at the start to bring everyone back up to speed on this setting in the future and we're into the action right away.
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This was kind of a dumbed-down version of Genesis II, almost for the kids or the teens, but I do find it to be more entertaining. I'm guessing Roddenberry had been instructed to present much more action than his previous effort; too bad it still didn't result in a TV series. The story introduces us to the latest future mutants: these ugly bastards drive around in 150-year old tricked-out autos and pretend that they're in the military - picture dirty WW2 grunts mutated into slightly reptilian creeps with bad attitudes. Saxon spends much of the movie fighting them with karate moves.
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